$40,000 in 4 months!

We need all the paws in on this one...

$40,000 in 4 months! image

UPDATE 6/9/24: We have received MANY donations, but we still have a long way to go. Due to donations being received via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, etc., we have lowered our goal to reflect donations brought in through other platforms.
Let's keep the momentum going through the summer to help us fund our efforts in saving those abused, neglected, sick and injured dogs that we rescue every day!

For 14 years, Rockstar Rescue has been dedicated to the welfare and well-being of dogs in need, in fact, the most in need. We take in dogs scheduled to be euthanized at local shelters due to severe injuries and illnesses, dogs from hoarding cases, seniors, and pregnant/nursing moms. Our mission to transform abused, neglected, sick & injured dogs into Rockstars, has been at the core of everything we do. However, despite our unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, we find ourselves in the direst of financial hardship.

The past year has been particularly challenging for us, as we have faced increased costs associated with veterinary care, food, shelter, and operational expenses, while struggling to secure sufficient funding to sustain our operations. Despite our best efforts to cut costs and seek alternative sources of revenue, we are now at a critical juncture where we can no longer continue without immediate financial assistance.

Your generous donation, no matter the amount, will make a significant difference in our ability to keep our doors open and continue our lifesaving work on behalf of the dogs who rely on us for their very survival.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 over the next four months. Your donation will enable us to:

  • Provide essential veterinary care, including medical treatments, surgeries, and vaccinations, to dogs in need.
  • Ensure that our rescued dogs receive proper nutrition, shelter, and enrichment while they await their forever homes.
  • Continue our efforts to find loving and responsible adoptive families for the dogs in our care.
  • Maintain our operations and infrastructure so that we can continue to serve our community and fulfill our mission.
  • Eliminate debt that has accrued over the past year as we have struggled to operate.

We will emerge debt free, fully funded through the Summer, ready to head into the Holiday season, and be inspired with a rejuvenated outlook moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support, we can't do it without you!